Charity Auctions

Bid on it using our complimetary auction service

Our auctions are a great way to raise additional funds at your events and to enhance the event experience for your guests without intrusion.

Silent Auctions

Silent Auctions

Benefit from our free design and print by using our traditional silent auction brochure. We provide one brochure for each guest to place their bids.

Interactive Aucitons

Interactive Auctions

Our in-house technology allows your guests to bid with excitement via their mobile phones or tablets which we can provide. Our SMS system notifies guests when they have been outbid, allowing guests to increase their bid.

Live Auctions

Live Auctions

A great way to encourage the ‘impulse bidders’ or to run alongside our silent auctions.

Custom Auctions

Custom Auctions

Do you have numerous donated items which you want to sell to generate funds? Our technology can be customised to your branding needs to showcase your items and 100% of the winning bid is donated to you.

What some of our recent clients say...

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“We went on to greatly surpass every figure we had previously raised for our chosen charities, we couldn’t believe how much money was raised!”

“Everybody agreed that Redtooth’s silent auction was a nice addition to the evening and their auction items added something different. I would thoroughly recommend Redtooth and will be using them again next year.”

How does it work?

For the silent and technology auctions, we bring a selection of items to create a showcase display.

Pre-event, we design and print an auction brochure for each guest. At the event, a brochure is placed on each seat. We then deliver a smooth auction service to generate as many funds as possible for your charity and to enhance the event experience for your guests. 

o Guests register via the tablets or their phones. Once registers, guests can bid as much as they like on as much as they like until the auction closes. On the night, our team collect payments from each winner. Post-event, a financial breakdown is shared between us and the client showing our donation to charity. 

We provide up to 5 items to be live auctioned by your host on the evening. This method works well alongside the silent auction and technology auction to help raise even more funds.

Contact one of the team on 01246 813713 for a quote. Whether you want your auction to last for a day, week or month, we can cater for all your needs!

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